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Since the Corona crisis, we have all been asked to be vigilant and make an effort with regard to hygiene, but at the same time there are economic challenges ahead and it is not always easy to thoroughly disinfect your infrastructure before you receive people.

In the meantime, many sectors have also been imposed an obligation with regard to the disinfection of public areas. ICS SOLUTIONS hereby presents their new product “PURGIPLEX”. This will save you time and money when making your shop, public building, office, etc., virus and bacteria free every day.

The Purgiplex Fogger system has been carefully developed to actively fight viruses and bacteria. Such as the corona virus, for example, but also common flu that we have known in our society for quite some time. This system is also extremely suitable for combating the salmonella bacteria, which is especially a problem in kitchens.

Use cases

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Our total solution

This filter is designed to purify the micro-peroxide particles in the air. The device is suitable for rooms up to 30m2 with a running time of less than 20 minutes.

We measure the air quality instantly via a special peroxide sensor. This allows the disinfected areas to be released more quickly. This way, no time is wasted.

This aluminium display shows the current status of this room and whether it is already available for use. Scan the QR code to follow the process.

About Purgiplex

The Purgiplex fogger allows you to disinfect a room in no time with just one push of a button. Via a nebulizing technique, it ensures that all viruses and bacteria in the room are killed within no more than 15 minutes.

The Purgiplex Fogger is a simple device that you can place anywhere in the room to be disinfected. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the optimal position of the device so that you can rest assured of 100% coverage of the surface.

A measuring device is used to validate whether the oxygen percentage in the room is safe before the next activity in the room will take place.

All Purgiplex products are anti-COVID-19 certified.

With our handy trolley you can easily and ergonomically move the large devices from one room to another.

Our product is the result of a constant screening of products available on the market. Suitable for PT04 & PT02

Based on 70% alcohol, it leaves a pleasant and fresh scent when the hands are disinfected.

Why Purgiplex?

Low entry cost

We always offer a package tailored to your building. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a personalised offer.

Public mobile app

Each room has its unique QR code with which the follow-up of the disinfection process can be checked.

Simple to use

The Purgiplex disinfection system is easy to use, so you do not lose any time with the daily configuration of your disinfection machines.

Low consumption

By using modern nano-scale nebulizing techniques, the consumption of the Purgiplex Fogger remains perfectly under control.

Easy to maintain

Easy to clean with lukewarm water. We provide routine maintenance for your machine(s) once a year

Quality Label

You will be awarded a quality label by MEHAS, this independent body guarantees the safety of your staff and your company. more info:

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